Your Personal information

Your Personal Information

What we use your personal information for:
Bourneouth Borough Council will use the personal information you provide to process your application. The information you provide on an application makes it easier for us to assess your skills and knowledge against another applicant's in a fair and consistent way.

How we look after your personal information:
We have computer databases that we use to process your application form and most of the information you provide is held electronically in these databases. The information is only accessible to authorised officers in Human Resources and the Recruiting Manager, and is stored securely in a password protected environment. We also hold some of your information in paper files; these are stored in secured office equipment and are only accessible to authorised officers.

How long we keep your personal information for:
We have to keep some of your information for quite long periods of time to comply with the law. If you are successful in your application, the information you provide will become part of your employment file and some will be retained until your termination of employment with the Council and for a period of time after this depending on the area in which you are employed. If you are unsuccessful in the recruitment and selection process, your paperwork will be confidentially destroyed after a six month period. We will not keep information for any longer than is necessary to meet the purposes for which it was collected.

In order to help the authority monitor the effectiveness of its Equal Opportunities Policy (and for no other reason) you are asked to provide the information requested on the Equal Opportunities page of our application form. The information you give us is separate from your application and will be kept confidential. This information will not be seen by the Appointing Officer or the interview panel and will not be taken into consideration when assessing your suitability for the post.

Who we may share your information with:
We may need to share the information you have provided with:

- Other Council Service Units, ie Housing, Revenue and Benefits
- Third Party Organisations (for the purpose of seeking previous employers references)
- Disclosure and Barring Service
- The Council's Occupational Health Provider
- Other Government Agencies, HMRC, CSA

We are also permitted by law to protect public funds. To this end, we may share information that you provided for the prevention and detection of fraud.

We are also required to check individual's immigration status (as applicable) with Government Agencies.

If you think we have incorrectly processed your personal information:

If you think that we may have breached the Data Protection Act by incorrectly processing your personal information and you wish to submit a formal complaint you should use the Council's complaints procedure. More information is available here

If you would prefer to discuss your concerns first with the Council's Information Governance Team, please contact them here 

Where to find out more:

For more information about the Data Protection Act on the Council's website please click here

The Information Commissioner's website also has a lot of useful information for the public about the Act