Disability Confident

Disability Confident Scheme

We are delighted to be part of the Disability Confident Scheme and welcome applications from disabled individuals. 

Being part of the scheme helps us to;

  • Understand our responsibilities to job applicants and become more confident in employing and retaining disabled people and those with long term health conditions
  • Ensure disabled people have opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations
  • Make a substantial contribution to halving the disability employment gap

Nearly 7 million people of working age in the UK are disabled or have a health condition. Historically there has been a significant gap between the proportion of disabled people employed compared with non-disabled people.

Encouraging applications from disabled people is good for our business. It helps us to: 

  • increase the number of high quality applicants available
  • create a workforce that reflects the diverse range of customers it serves and the community in which it is based

Our recruitment process is committed to good practice in the following areas; 

  • To interview all applicants with a disability who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy
  • Offer reasonable adjustments to support a disabled person present themselves to their best advantage during selection
  • Provide opportunities for disabled applicants to volunteer information comfortably during application or during selection to support them through the process and alleviate any concerns  
  • To take action to ensure that recruiting managers develop awareness of disability and what good practice looks like
  • Each year, to review these commitments and what has been achieved; plan ways to improve on them and let all employees and the JobCentre Plus know about progress and future plans.

To enable us to meet our commitments please take note of the below advice;  

Application Form

On the application form, you have the option to advise us whether you have a disability under the Equality Act 2010. For us to know to apply the provisions of the Act, you need to advise us by ticking the box provided.

Within the application form you will find a section called 'Supporting Statement'. Please include enough detail within your application, particularly in the ‘Supporting Statement’ to demonstrate how you meet the essential criteria to be selected for interview.

Remember we will interview all applicants with a disability, but only if they meet and demonstrate the minimum criteria for a job vacancy.

Preparation for Selection

If you are shortlisted, you will receive an email invite to attend selection. At this point you will be asked whether you require any arrangements to assist you to attend / present yourself to the best advantage at the selection.

If you do require any you should contact the Recruiting Manager or the Recruitment Team as soon as possible for us to make the necessary arrangements.